The mission of the Fetal Diagnostic Institute of the Pacific (FDIP) is to provide exceptional medical care to the high risk pregnant patients in Hawaii and the Pacific. In addition, the FDIP will serve as a resource to their physicians. This will be achieved by offering personalized care. Every patient will be seen by one of our qualified physicians.

We will measure our success by monitoring patient and physician satisfaction, obstetrical outcomes, and market share.

February 2016

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We are a consultative practice dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of all women in Hawaii and the Pacific. We act as a resource for the medical community in the prompt personal care and treatment of their patients using state of the art technology. We are proud to be considered a center of excellence where patients will find the most current, skilled and caring treatment in a family-oriented environment.
(August 2014) We are happy to announce that Dr. Brian Pierce will be joining the Fetal Diagnostic Institute of the Pacific full time in August 2014. He will be seeing patients at both the Waikele and Pan Am locations.

Dr. Pierce has been practicing as a maternal fetal medicine specialist for over 12 years with the past 5 years here in Hawaii. He specializes in diagnostic ultrasound and multiple gestations.

(November 2012) The Diabetes in Pregnancy Program was awarded recognition by the American Diabetes Association as meeting the national standards for diabetes self-management education. They also became a clinical associate of the SSEP Sweet Success Program, California.  The affiliation is reviewed and awarded on an annual basis. CONGRATULATIONS!!

(January 2012) We have implemented 3 new GE E8BT12 Ultrasound Machines

(December 2011) Diabetes in Pregnancy Program. Read more Diabetes in Pregnancy Program

We expended our Diagnostic Services to the neighbor islands. Please call us for an appt @ 808-945-2229.

Our Message Board focuses on issues and concerns to help understand the challenges you face during and after pregnancy. Below are recent articles written by our staff members. More can be found here.

Recent articles

Guidelines on Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery (written by Greigh Hirata, MD & Sweet Success Hawaii)

The Question is "Why?" New Criteria for the Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes (written by Jana Silva, MD)

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